Game crash on building collapse/benchmark and serious issues with this forum

First of all, we’re doing you a favor in submitting these bug reports, so don’t make people sign up to forums to submit them to you. Secondly, took me several minutes to find the “create post button” because 99% of forums have a button labeled “new topic” at the top, and not a red circle with a plus in the bottom corner (super easy to miss in 4k). If you’re gonna have bug reports be submitted, you should make it more convenient not less. People are incredibly less likely to submit bug reports if something that should take 1 minute takes 5 minutes.

That being said, my game instantly crashes on benchmark test, and in game it crashes vs the AI during building collapses. This happens with the UHD pack, and turning it off is not an option since the game is unplayable at this resolution without the pack.

And no I haven’t checked the forum too see if this a duplicate issue like you suggest we do, why would I be expected to do that when sorting out these bugs is your job?

Sorry about the tone but the way you guys are handling these bug reports just rubbed me the wrong way.