Game crashed again

warnings.log reads likes this:
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: RNT_StatsUpdate: Loss notification, profileID 661148, race =136150, level=5, ranking=2393
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: RNT_StatsUpdate: Loss notification, profileID 2517871, race =106553, level=5, ranking=1722
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: RNT_StatsUpdate: Win notification, profileID 3674763, race =199703, level=5, ranking=818
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: RNT_StatsUpdate: Win notification, profileID 8431869, race =106553, level=5, ranking=3689
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: We submitted player 661148 result 4. But the server disagreed, with serverResult 1. Note the result enum differ between server and client. Reporting Desync
(I) [21:05:19.888] [000009376]: Suppressing another post-game error: “加载比赛结果错误” "因为比赛参与者之间失去同步,发生意外错误。比赛数据可能不准确,且最终比赛结果可能不可用。

如果此问题仍然存在,请访问 以获取支持。

错误代码:C09T04R01X-01 4D504D6102EF"

don’t know what happend. in the middle of a game, and the result page jumped out

Hey @zxhcpt! Best thing to do right after a crash is to contact support with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. They’ll make sure your helpful data gets to the right people. Thanks!