Game crashed on placing a building, replay of game also crashes

I was playing a 1v1, the game crashed when I placed a age3 landmark (the mongols gold bonus one).

Version 5.0.8324.0

If I watch the replay it also crashes the game. I’ve attempted to find a match ID or a replay file to attach to this thread… but I can’t see any way how to do that. Without a replay to reproduce this thread feel kind of useless. Games not having a matchid that can be easily shared is a bug.

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There is an Age IV folder in your Windows Documents folder. In there if you dig around you will find where the replays are located. Should end with .gz extension. Which one you pick is by looking at the file creation date/time - not easy I know.


M_13497453_a49bb6c0b5023c1e6c9fb3db4b49bb65446799f319da81ffdd1866b9c59474d8.gz.txt (188.4 KB)

(I had to add a .txt extension for the forum to allow the attachment.)

I have the same problem. 30% of all games seem to crash. When the game crashes, it crashes to the results screen, FOR ALL PLAYERS. Every single person in the game crashes to the results screen, not just a specific player, so this is definitely not a driver crash or something from an indivdual. Once on the results screen,pushing quit or play again will both result in the game crashing 100% to desktop. I also want to point out that these crashes dont always happen when im placing a building, but then again with 8 players, perhaps one of them is placing a building? These types of crashes happen alot for me. at least 30% of all matches (I play 4v4 and 2v2v2v2 only)

Here is a picture of the error I got after it crashed.

Below are 3 replays from today. 2 of them (Mountain pass and Black forest) had crashes (The 3rd replay is fine but I cant tell which replay is which so uploaded all 3). Replay is saved and spontaneously ends once it reaches the crash point. renamed my replays to end in .txt just like the other guy since forums dont allow .gz files.

M_13732614_24e73f90d87105a27882556c4541c75cf6b3c6803e92a8dc08167063ddf34f44.gz.txt (255.7 KB)
M_13752983_71338adac7fc469c63d1b27c66a09ec01b534fa1fd497d62986800bed8e27696.gz.txt (292.9 KB)
M_13752983_3008786ebde36d9b75e1facd0fd6c19eb58c8b85cfcd757700a4dbcacf29aa63.gz.txt (1.5 MB)

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