Game crashed to desktop

I did not have time to look more into memory usage, but I noticed two things in the resource monitor.

  1. The memory usage of AoE is fluctuating a lot (means: a lot of small memory requests to the system)
  2. A secondary process (svchost.exe LocalServiceNoNetwork -p) that uses ~4GiB of memory for a few seconds. Latter will fill up the swap if it is managed by the system and not enforced to a larger size.
    (Note that there is memory on stand-by that is not shown as used by the task-manager, but neither is free)

With the post of TranceInvasion my hypothesis is, that one of the many memory-allocations is rejected by the kernel; maybe due to both memory and swap being nearly full. If the memory is used anyway we get the segfault-crash. I could not test this fully yet, though.

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wow. this is so detailed on your part as a user. while I was just content to wait for the dev team :facepalm:

@SkilfulGlint214 have a look?

same issue for me…when i purchased the game it crashed a lot…then i closed all other programms and set my swap memory to 12 - 20 gb…now it’s more consistent but crashes every maybe 2h…
platform steam
latest build
8gb physical memory
same error log

Same here, it crashes ALWAYS after about 5-10m when playing multiplayer. Seems to be more stable when playing against AI only.
Fresh windows 10, all patches installed, AV disabled etc.
What is interesting is that I also have AOE I DE, it also crashes.
Interestingly there was time where AOE I DE was not crashing, then installed some windows updates and after that it started crashing again.
This happens across both PCs I have, which we are trying to use for local multiplayer.
Tried everything, no other games are crashing, just all AOE.

Ryzen 3600, 16GB RAM, SSD 1TB, AMD 390X 8GB.

This game is getting really frustrating and sincerely it is pissing me off. Why can’t any of the developers fix this fcking issue already?? It’s been nearly a month ever since the release and still the game continues to crash after several updates. God the fcking d*mmit, fix this problem already!!

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I need to save every 20 seconds because the game close and the autosave is not from the game I’m playing!! I hope they fix this soon because I am playing the 2013 game because I can’t play the new one like that, I loose all information from my actual game

My brother still has this issue everyday, while my pc runs it smoothly. With his pagefile set at 20 gb it seems to randomly crash every hour orso, before it crashed every 5 minutes. Upgrading ram from 12 gb to 16 gb didnt fix the problem. Some of the systems mentioned above are way better than my brothers so buying a better pc is too risky since the problem seems to be random.

I’m also having this problem with my “meager” 16gb RAM and 970m…

I get this error as well, but only when playing on Ultra with Enhanced graphics pack.
I noticed that my RAM usage when playing the campaigns was at 97.6%…(16GB RAM)


Just upgraded 8GB of RAM to 16GB of ram, no difference crashing every time as always.
No other game is crashing.

This is massive shame. This game is completely useless for me.
I am waiting for fix since release. I am requesting refund!


Same amount of memory and a Dell G3 17. The game even crashes on multiplayer with DLC enabled.

My brother ‘solved’ his issue. He starts every game in windowed mode and then maximizes the window. Redo it for every game, no crashes so far. I dont see how it isnt luck but maybe worth a try.

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To all of you still having problems. A new build is coming out this month and I do expect that a lot of issues are solved as they must have received enough crash reports. I keep my fingers crossed of course but I’m optimistic anyway. Still e.g. if you can upgrade your hard disk to the cheapest SSD of 512 GB it’s a no brainer regarding better performance and a faster system in general.

I have a M2 SSD : ) It still crashes marvelously

Did you post your dxdiag.txt already somewhere here on the forum?

Also crashing for me. I got this from the logs:

TDrawSystemD3D11::Paint: Device lost, hresult = 0x887a0005, reason = 0x887a0006
Exception type 3221225477 occurred at 00007ff8d74de5e0

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My game also crashes, no bug report, nothing. I’ll be in the middle of playing and it will close out to the desktop and I’ll have to reload the game completely. This is the only game that does this. All my other games work perfectly. Drivers are up to date, and everything else as well.

I have 1 SSD drive as main drive and 1 HDD drive. After the last windows update, the game started crashing to desktop for me too, without any error or anything.

What i noticed is that my HDD started working like crazy when i run the game (it is normally staying there idle if i dont use it). When i checked why, it turned out that after the update Windows decided that it will use the HDD drive for the virtual memory paging file. Needless to say that made the game crash to the desktop. I disabled paging for the HDD and now the game works normal again.
So if you have HDD drive in your system, make sure the OS is not using it for the paging file. Make sure the SSD is used for the paging file.
If you dont have SSD - then it was high time you got one.

My machine has 16 GB RAM, i7 6800k overclocked to 4.2 GHz, Nvidia GTX 1070 .

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While the type of error is the same ( 3221225477 = 0xC0000005 = Segmentation fault ) the adress seems to be different. A crash at a different adress would mean it’s a different bug and should get a separate report. Would you mind to tell where you found that in the logs so I can check?

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Game crashed to desktop by clicking several times on header items of the multiplayer game list while its refresh.