Game crashed twice today/ fps drops main menu

dear developers,

the game crashed twice today. the first time it was during starting the game. the other crash happened during a custom game. pressed a hotkey (w), after this placed the royal institute per mouse action. the screen was freezing and the game closed itself.

Furthermore, there is an fps dropping in the main menu. sometimes when I am reading the mastery challenges. after this click in the menu to select solo/multiplayer and other buttons it seems that the game is slowing down.

thanks for listening!

Stay healthy.

Patch: 11009 on Steam

Sorry to see you are having crashes @CptIntimate. Right after you experience a crash, please contact support here with your DxDiag and warnings.log file. It might help the team narrow why you are crashing.


thanks for the fast answer! I will do so as soon as I will get another crash.

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