Game crashes a lot

In the current build the game crashes a lot to desktop for me. Today first crash happened in lobby… nothing else going on in game or on my pc (was capable of handling DE way more stable in the past, same PC, same network config, same everything). Then I was able to play a FFA to the end (~45 mins gameplay, no lag, no issues whatsoever, just as things should be), and after that I got into a CBA game, which just crashed after some minutes (yes, not crashing on start, not crashing in late game where several hundrets of units are on the field, just crashed with ~80 units on map… game before I myself had 250pop + several 4 other players near 200 pop, no issues…)


the crashes should have nothing to do with late game latency etc. just game has issues dropping/close to desktop left right center. I have had it during mod page, during single player, idle during lobby, idle during main screen, during game. there is something sinister here needs to be fixed.

worst part is, closing to desktop sometimes doesn’t generate log file so cant even submit for them to check.

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Same problem here. Bought a gaming laptop (16GB RAM) today for my son so that we could play AOE2DE together. Unfortunately spend half the day to figure out how to give him access to multiplayer (microsoft family settings), and the other half a day to figure out why it just crashes to the desktop after a few minutes playing. Very frustrating as this is the one game we wanted to play together. We just tried to play the 2 of us with 2 AI players, nothing complicated.


i have the same problem too, also when trying to test a scenario

You can’t play with the familiy share the same game you are using in one ID, you need to buy another game license in order to play together.

That is not correct, Microsoft allows you to install it on 4 or 5 different family computers and use at the same time, same license.

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