Game crashes about 5 minutes in after todays patch

This game has never crashed on me before. After the patch today, it crashes every time. I have made sure everything is updated. Any ideas?

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After getting latest patch I have been getting random crashes as well. Since the game boots you out and doesn’t give a reconnect option it just means 20+ minutes wasted. Every game I see people randomly surrender which is probably due to the same issue…

It’s extremely frustrating. It’s starting to sounds like a widespread issue. I’d like to see this addressed asap. It’s a major issue. Not just some inconvenience to be patched next week.

Have you tried a fresh reinstall? Sometimes a patch won’t replace the extra data and could result in corruption. This is how I got phasmophobia to run after their massive patch.

I haven’t tried that yet. I didn’t think this was that large of a patch. Although, I guess a patch or any size could technically jack something up that might require a fresh install.

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Let me know if it works

Hi, it did not work,. However, after trying everything yesterday, and 20+ crashes in a row, I woke up today and it works fine? Maybe it was Steam? Idk. Magic? Silent hot fix?

Might have been a hotfix, I was at work for 5 hours yesterday and got home late to play and it worked for me. Im just glad you are able to play again!

Thank you for replying and trying to help. Much appreciated!

Glad it seems to be working! If anyone else is experiencing this, please contact support here with your DxDiag and any Crash Logs.