Game crashes every 2nd game, devs trolling?

Like srsly you put 200 changes in one huge patch and then don’t even play a few games on the patch before release??

Game is crashing for so many people, both in 1v1s and TG.
At this point I am personally convinced that this is trolling.
Tell me what you want.


I have never seen a software which gets so many changes in one patch without testing. Never.
Or someone is in the office like F this #### let’s just release that, I don’t care anymore.


Same things on xbox…it’s just awful!! i’ve test versus I.A and it’ same sh…crashs,dashboard return EVERY games.

I played 2 games today and both crashes mid-game :frowning:

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(Xbox Player)
It sucks even more for new players. I’ve been trying to get my friends into the game and they aren’t that much of a fan of it, but yesterday they mesaged me out of the blue that they wanted to give the game another shot, and it crashed half way 4 times. Safe to assume they still feel burnt by the game and won’t be asking me to play again :disappointed:


Didn’t I say they release patches without testing them? Well… these crashes sorta explains things!

It’s unbelievably bad.

Just now I started the game and saw new DLC for animated icons. I came to to forum to vent about not fixing issues and releasing this content instead, and guess what, the game crashed in the background. I had started it 1 minute ago and didn’t even do anything in the game. This is ridiculous.


This patch was on PUP for a couple of weeks I believe.

Hope this will be ok this evening…!

Still having same random crahses as well even after the hotfix.

They ought to just roll back to previous version.

Apparently the crashes just happen on specific systems, because I haven’t experienced any personally, so they probably tested, just not on every computer on the planet

I think a hotfix is out now tho