Game crashes mid ranked-match

Hi Guys!

I play aoe2:de via steam on windows 10.

Since 2 weeks my game randomly crashes in the middle of a ranked online match. There is no error code, by far enough RAM available. It only happens once per evening so far.

Obviously in a single player/campaign setting it does not matter, but my team mates lose the ranked match due to this.

Anyone experiencing the same issue?


Same problem for me, dunno whats going on

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Same for me as well hope it gets fixed soon

Hello !
I´m really sorry to hear you have such issues, and its happenign to everyone lately
They are investigating the Issues, and so far it seems to help, to disable any kind of MOD you have.

Greetings, Maxy


I am having the same issue. I´ve already removed all the MODS and also re-installed the game.

hey guys, check out my solution here:

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