Game Crashes starting a Standard Game, but NOT a Campaign or otherwise

Game Version:

  • Build : Hotfix 34223
  • Platform : Steam


Prior to the November update, the single player Standard game worked fine.
After the November update and continuing into the most recent update, starting a Standard game with any settings instantly crashes to desktop, with no error message whatsoever.

I do not have any mods/DLC installed outside of what comes with the game.

I have tried re-installing the game on different partitions (C:/, D:/) to no avail.

Reproduction Steps:

1.) Start Game
2.) Select “Standard Game”
3.) Select “Start Game”
4.) Game dies, Game “Stops” in Steam


Hi. Welcome here on the forum. Could you also add a screenshot of your standard game settings?
Just press Alt-PrtSc and then press Ctrl-V in your next reply to add the screen shot.

In addition to @PCS70 request, we could also use two files:

  • A copy of your DXDiag.txt file.
  • The information related to the crash from your Windows Event Viewer.

With this information, we can begin to dig into the problem and see what we can find.

Thanks for the report!

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I am trying but getting an error that “Sorry, new users cannot upload attachments.”

I created this account for this issue, specifically.

Is there another way to get the DXDiag.txt over to you?

Having trouble finding what information may be related to the crash in Windows Event Viewer

Well I guess I’ve resolved it. Something around the Custom Map Pool must have been causing the crash.

Changed that setting around and now games are starting. I can’t even reproduce.

I’ve banged by head for 2months and just needed to tweak some settings… but maybe something there to look out for if others hit this issue. CUSTOM MAP POOL!

Thanks for the help!

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I thought already that it had to do with certain settings there. The hardest bugs are always the ones difficult to reproduce. Thank you for adding your info regarding the custom map pool selection. This error could have been caused by incorrect settings migration during update of version. Maybe they should reset all settings after an update, but that will give a lot of complains too.

In the future, you can upload the fine to a Google Drive or OneDrive folder and share a link. From there, we’ll download the file(s) and get them passed to the team!