Game crashes to main screen on series x

Having an issue on aoe2 de on Xbox series x.

The game often just quits back to the Xbox screen completely closing it down. It happens maybe 1/3 of the time and it’s when trying to find an online matchmaking game.

It will find the game and while loading completely just close down. This affects my rank of course as it counts as a loss but then I also get a temp ban for “leaving early”

Tried to reinstall the game but no changes

Anyone encounter this before?

I believe it’s a known issue. Reddit is full of posts about crashes that started happening after the Xbox release.

Any know fixes?

My “bans” are getting progressively longer each occurrence

Indeed, it’s a known issue, the team is working on it, unfortunately we can’t provide an ETA for the fix.

Is there anything I can do about the bans in the meantime? It’s now upto an hour after my latest crash

Is there anything I can do about these false bans. Upto 2 hours now just because it fails to connect

Sorry for the late answer @GreZ69
Unfortunately there’s nothing you can do about it :frowning: