Game crashes way too much nowadays

just played 3 games in a row. first one had me crash halfway through the game. second one had someone else crash in loading screen. 3rd one had someone just afk.

its not just these 3 games. its almost every time i sit down to play this game, half the games i play in that session have people desync or crash. its so constant, its not even surprising when someone crashes anymore. what do i do when i spend 60 minutes trying to play a game that just doesnt work properly.

insane how the ‘definitive edition’ has more problems than the original game

sincerly fix the networking and crashing to desktop bugs

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try reinstalling or verifying files if you are on steam

Dude, did you not see how many new civs we have? Nobody cares about fundamental game issues when there is new DLC.

And check top of TG ladder. Some China smurf with +20 win streak. But still no changes to ELO system. Strange world we live in.

Favourite part of this is when you crash it’s counted against you, so you get temp banned. I had 3 crashes a few nights ago. You can guess what happened.

I thank the community for wanting this stupid temp banning system that trolls can dodge with their multiple accounts.

So basically all this does is punish the innocent and encourage us to make multi accounts

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It’s already bad when you get banned for a crashing game (because it’s not necessarily the players fault) but imo the worst is the queue crash which happens quite frequently. If my opponent doesn’t like the map and altf4s just when the timer goes to zero the queue gets stuck and there isn’t anything you can do but close the game yourself resulting in time out. Those bugs happen but they remain unfixed for such a long time now. I really think there shouldn’t be a ban mechanic as long as this stuffs exists.

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