Game crashes when playing Burgundians

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  • GAME BUILD #: 44725.0
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 10

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The game crashes when I play Burgundians and it’s registered as a loss in ranked games. I lost over 30 elo points because of this.

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*75% of the time / matches I play (OFTEN)
The game crashed three times out of four.

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Select single player or multiplayer
  2. Select Burgundians
  3. Wait for the game to crash

Maybe this is not a bug, but rather a well deserved nerf to an otherwise completely overpowered civ :wink:


Then I don’t mind but give me back my points then x) I lost over 30 elo because of crashes.

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Hello! The team is investigating this issue following Update 44725. Since it is affecting some players and not others, the most helpful thing you can do is reach out to our support team so they can work with you one-on-one:

Please do your best to provide the following details to them:

In the meantime, the team is looking at the information they have to determine whether there is a common cause amongst everyone: be it antivirus disruptions, game file issues, or hardware/driver issues that interfering with the launch of the game.

Will update the thread if/when I learn more!

exact same problem here

Having the same issue with both civs. Play for around 20-25 minutes and they crash.

I Have the same issue here as well. Drops after 20 minutes or so.

So I tried to stream the Burgundian campaign to make my own “Historian reacts to…” but guess what? The game crashed twice and I couldn’t finish even the first scenario. This is really disappointing considering I paid ten bucks up front for this extention and was over the moon at the idea of playing Burgundians.

Please watch at 24:25 and 40:25

At the moment the game is technically and litteraly unplayable. Considering AoE2 is my go-to game in my busy life, it’s really cutting my fun short.

Please find attached my latest dxdiag file DxDiag.txt (87.2 KB)

My game also sometimes crashes mid-game, but in singleplayer. I was playing Joan of Arc and maybe the fact that the Burgundians are present in the campaign gives the crash.

My game crashed twice using the burgundians, but i noticed it was while using the charge attack on the coustilier, second attempt without using that unit and it did not crash.

So yesterday I tried to play the Burgundians after the hotfix.

Multiplayer unranked against the AI went perfectly fine.

My game crashed, however, when I picked Burgundian in ranked 2v2. As soon as the match started AoE2 vanished from my screen. Access to recordings here: Match overview of AUTOMATCH - AoE2 Insights

Tonight I played the 1st Burgundian campaign scenario. I noticed a short freeze when the game ususally crashed around minute 20 but it carried on and I managed to finish the scenario. It was with great joy that I massacred the people of Liege.