Game crashes when starting the battle of York

Game Version: 101.101.33059.0 4403463

  • Steam


When I click on Historical Battles and then on York, after the introduction, the game fades to black and eventually crashes, while the music plays continuously. (playing in German)

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Start the battle of York
  2. Skip the introduction
  3. Wait for the game to start (or in this case, crash)

Make sure, that your pagefile is set to system managed and it is on drive, where there is enough space for it. I managed to start York, although it took a long time to load and uses a lot of RAM.


Oh, I’ve just noticed your answer just now, thanks for trying to help! However, I’m afraid that already exceeds my computer knowledge since I have no idea what a pagefile is (a quick Google search didn’t help that much either).
In any case I do manage to start an entirely overcrowded custom scenario so I don’t think that, at least in my case, it is a RAM problem. Still, for the moment it doesn’t matter too much anyway.

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