Game crashes!

Hello, RTS lovers. I have an issue about AoE 3 DE and I’m getting more and more impatient because of this.

The game crashes randomly on my computer. Sometimes I can hardly return to Windows but more often, this crash totally locks down my computer, making it unusable until I restart it. Is there anyone to suggest a solution? Sometimes a memory error message appears, sometimes nothing happens but the crash.

My computer has Intel core i7 CPU, 16 GB RAM and Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 8 GB GPU. I bought it a year ago, it’s new. In fact, this is sold as a gaming computer. I have no internet issues. Please help me!

What do you do before it crashes?

Basically nothing. I just play a story or skirmish game.

Graphics setting screenshot?

Everything is high. I only closed the shadows and anti-aliasing.

What does the memory error message say

“cannot allocate memory”

Try increasing paging size.

A small guide:

Add another 16 GB in the virtual allocation option

what ? he should buy another 16gb of ram because the game is poorly optimized and the crashes are obviously on the devs end not on ours ? is that what u are trying to say ?

No, not buy. Add 16 GB in the virtual memory, following the tutorial. You can add more ram in windows by increasing paging file size. While it isn’t fast as a physical Ram, it will prevent stuff crashing if memory isn’t sufficient.

This obviously shouldn’t happen, just a workaround.

THe problem has been solved. Thanks to everyone!

16000 on maximum? or on start size?

lol it doesnt fix it, my games just closed on lobby, like if i were pressed alt f4

Restart pc. Both put 16384