Game crashing 5-15 min into a game


My game freeze for 2-3 secs and stop itself without giving me an error message, i can replicate this playing skirmish against a bot.
It happens on multiplayer too, but i stopped playing multi as you can’t reconnect into the game after crashing.

i reinstalled the game several times, reinstalled windows, triple checked every drivers and windows updates, but it’s still happening.

Any similar cases ?

I just managed to fix the problem!
For anyone who have this issue, i fixed the crashes by turning off the XMP profile in bios, letting my RAM run at it’s basic speed. I
have an AMD processor and apparently XMP can have compatibility issue with AMD processors. might be useful to know!

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had same problem. Game crasshing after short freeeze. Did like +10 messages with support ticket (developers) they just directed to some department, and until today i dont recived any help. Crashes little stopped but now after format (and whole drivers&updates job) my game stopped loading… multi/AI/campaign, ever stops at 75% and game is not loading.

what are your specs ? if you’re running on amd processor what i did earlier might help

DxDiag.txt (95.2 KB)
Well i was trying everything, tests, reinstalling game, drivers, benchmarks, temperatures didnt found a problem. I did some PC formats and i think it helped. Support didnt responed me, sadly.

just experienced this crash for the first time.

I have a Dell G7 7790. Happened 12min into a 3v3 boulder bay multiplayer game.