Game crashing INCREDIBLY often since update

Am I the only one to whom this happens? My game crashes at following times:

  • trying to open chat at the end of a game after opponent resigning (I must be the winner for the crash to occur I think). The program hangs and the victory registers but I must restart AoE.

  • (rare) enemy Scout running under TC. My suspicion is that there are some events that trigger the crash for 1 player and there are people abusing these events knowingly (one of the games where I crashed, my opponent ran the Scout under my TC in a very deliberate manner).

  • trying to open Save files from Campaign/Replays from MP.

  • more

Anyone else has these issues occurring? Today alone my game crashed about 6-8 times over some 10-12 games.


Ever since the update, this same thing has happened to me. Most games crash during dark age or early feudal. One game that I was actually able to play, when I won, I wasn’t able to type anything in chat as well. Super frustrating. I sent a message to the Devs, but they just gave me the boilerplate response of “Make sure your computer can handle the game, try re-downloading the game, etc.” This is not an isolated issue.

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After the update the same has happend to me. 4 games and 3 of them has crashed. all in feudal age.


Two games two crashes in castle age today. Last crash was when I garrisoned villagers with alt+click.


Experience the same lately. Just write bug reports and hope that the hotfix will drop soon. Right now, I’m unable to play a skirmish without fearing a crash.

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Yes, came here to say this. 4th time today it has crashed. 3 of the times it just “freezes” where you can still move and see things but can’t communicate or continue. Once it outright exited, but 500 pop ludicrous map game (though that’s never mattered before…).

Devs ROLL IT BACK! At this rate there will be no AoE2…


The game is unplayable at the moment. Every game crashes. Tried to play several MP games (ranked & lobby) on Wednesday and there was not even one that could be finished. Campaign savegames can’t be loaded and even SP game crash frequently.

PLEASE FIX ASAP or ROLL IT BACK (no one needs coop campaign…)


Crash #6. #5 same thing as most like as if it disconnected. #6 audio cut out but could still perform actions ~20 seconds. Freeze then crash. :tired_face:

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My game crashes in Dark Age and in victory screen

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Today the game crashes 4 times! Fix ASAP


Two crashes in three games today for me, both at the end of a game. Very frustrating.

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The game crashes in more games than it doesnt since the July patch. If I manage to get to the end of the game it crashes when I go to view the stats. DEVS PLEASE FIX!!!

It’s funny that after almost every patch we have to deal with new crash issues. Don’t we have the PUP to avoid that? I wonder how many people actually participate in that program.

Yeah, 4/5 games crashed for me today :slight_smile:

Single player campaign crash 100% time on victory.
Even on William Wallace 1 :rofl:

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5 EW ranked games 2 of it crashed while i was winning so far…

You were not winning. :stuck_out_tongue:

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i was talking about todays 5 match xD
Actually our game wasn’t win or lose that was still ongoing but u got upperhand actually.

Mostly when using the editor, sometimes at starting up. Deleted some graphics mods, redownloaded, worked fine after that

I too am having this problem. For some reason at the end when I start to hear Victory music, or other sound events. I may not be correct though. Much more crashing after new July update. I have a computer with tons of resources to run this game and all updated hardware too. I went through the devs list to check for. It is definitely something new.

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