Game Crashing

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Hello, I would like to report that the game is crashing every 10min since today, I asked the person I was playing with in 1vs1 if he had the same problem and his game was also crushing, yesterday the servers were not working, Im not sure if this is related with it.

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I would also like to report that all the games were vs “Granpa laughs”, vs other players I did not have any issues later on. You may have to take a look into this, Im not sure if this player might be crushing the game when he is about to lose or is a problem with something else.

I just cheched this player and he is a 10 streak win which is ok, but he was about to lose all thetimes when the game crush.

Im right now using Windows 10 / steam / Last game build

First i would like you to fill the form that you posted above, otherwise devs will ignore this.
2. Attach a the crash logs after the game has crashed here, they are found in:
C:\Users\ {Username]\Games\Age of Empires 3 DE\Logs