Game display text areas are swapped, please help!

I am new to modding and I was tinkering with some simple data modding, and while working with the .dat file and the key-strings.txt file something somewhere along the way got messed up.

In the screenshot below. The top image is the correct way things are supposed to look in AOE 2. The bottom way is how everything looks for me. I have uninstalled the game via steam and reinstalled it but nothing changed. I went into my C Drive and manually deleted the AoEDE folder and reinstalled it via steam and nothing changed. I still see the things like the bottom picture. Would anyone be able to help me figure out what went wrong or a way to reset AOE 2 so things can go back to looking normal? Is it caused my a cloud file being synched or another file I missed to delete?

Top is correct way. Bottom is the incorrect way my game is stuck as.

You might have just changed some of the tooltip settings in the game options by accident. Not sure what your problem is really, you need to explain better, or provide screenshots covering more of the screen.

the text box for Warwolf is the correct way to display things. The textbox with Yeomen is wrong and rearranged for some reason.


but… mine now displays it as


I’m not sure what made the textbox stuff rearrange like that. It is for all in-game icons that have a technology with description