Game doesn't open in steam after latest update

Hey all, I just downloaded the update on steam and tried to play the game, but after a few seconds the game stops running without any information. I was playing a couple of hours before the update with no problems so I don’t think its a problem on my end. Any ideas/others with the same problem?

Is your Windows up to date?

Yes, and I restarted my computer just in case. I also verified integrity and can’t think what else I can do to fix it

Did you also check for MS Store updates. I also received updates for Game Services app. Not sure if Steam version depends on these updates too though.

Can you please try removing and re-adding Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition to your antivirus and firewall exceptions? It seems to have worked for others to bypass the issue, and it will be helpful to know if it fixes the issue as we continue to investigate the problem.

Good luck!

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Hey thanks for the suggestions. I finally worked out that it was a Windows 10016 error and once I fixed it I could open the game again. Not entirely sure how it happened but its a relatively easy fix thankfully.