Game doesn't remember the monitor it was last placed on

The game always loads in the primary display, but it should remember which monitor it was used in for the last time. It is a real pain to keep on windowing, moving, full-screening.

Thanks for sharing. i’ve logged this feedback for the team to look into and consider.

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Thank you very much. If you’re going to do so, kindly pass along the more elaborate version of my request.

The game should remember the preferred monitor but based on the monitor configuration. If a new monitor appears, that’s a new monitor configuration. If a monitor disappears, the resulting configuration is a new configuration, etc. This way, a laptop player like myself can go to a friend’s house, connect an external display and the game remembers, but the game remembers my external monitor at home if I’m home, or it goes to the primary display if no other displays are present. Etc. You guys get the idea.

Thank you.

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