Game feedback and further requests

To all developers of Age of Empire 4,

I’m new to the forum but not to the Age of Empire franchise which I have been playing for 21 years now.
I just want to say Big Thanks for Age of Empires 4. So far I have only played for 3 hours since launch and the first experience is good. The game is gorgeous it has been fun so far. I play with a friend against the Ai (intermediate difficulty) and it was challenging and fun all the way.

So first of all, Big Thanks to you all for your work and this beautiful game!

Some recommendations down the road I personally would like to see for the game are:
1-Bigger maps for skirmishes, I personally always chose the biggest map on Age of Empire 2 since it gives enough room for expansion, resources, and more cities, something I personally would like to see in this game, including an increase in the population cap.
2- More maps choices.
3-blood stain when units die for major immersion, like AoE I, II, and III.
4-More, more, more new civilizations, good examples that fit this period are Byzantines, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Korea, Japan, Turks, African civilizations, etc.
5- Please add a bell to the town center like former Age of Empires games, it is rather helpful than finding every villager to order them to the garrison.
6- More campaigns, (I haven’t started the ones in the game yet, but that would be next after this post)
7-MAP EDITOR PLEASE. This is one of the tools I most enjoy in the Age of Empires franchise.
8- Treaty mode would be very welcome.
9- A Regicide mode is a Must, please.

So far those are the recommendations that come to my mind, I would expand the post later on when I have more gameplay.

Again Thank you so much!


Need to bring back the TREATY for sure.
Need to be able to ZOOM OUT further to see more of the map.