Game freezes in spectating tab (steam version)

I’m not in a position to play but want to watch live game. However the game freezes when I click to the spectate tab. Have to end the game processing in task manager.

Normal multiplayer lobby is still working.

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Is anyone having this problem or it’s only me? Could some one with steam version try to go to spectate tab?

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Hmmm Now the game freezes even on the lobby browser :frowning:

The game itself is very badly optimized.

I have the same issue. I just tried uninstalling and re-installing, I’ll let you know if that fixes!

Reinstalling it fixed it for me, but it seems like nobody can join my game, and I can’t see my friend’s game in the lobby browser either. Not sure what the fix for this problem is.

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Matchmaking is bugged for a lot of people right now, they are working on a fix. The Lobby Browser is showing the wrong servers and etc.

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Looks like they did something to fix the issue. I can browse the spectating tab just fine now. However I still cannot spectate any game. Keep saying connection timeout.

Actually I was able to spect one game just now. Most of games still say failed though.