Game freezes then catches up to itself

Hi All,

I seem to be having some issues with the AOE2:DE in which about 10 minutes into gameplay the game freezes, then speeds up to catch up to itself, almost as if it were being streamed. I have recorded a game in which it happened. It happends at times when I am not recording also. I also get a lot of frame rate drops, but sometimes the game will run perfectly fine. Here are my specs:

Alienware 15 R3
CPU: Intel Core i7-7820HK @ 2.90Ghz (burst up to 4.4ghz)
16gb Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070

Running on an 2TB SSD.

Has anyone else had instances like this?

Thank you.

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Yes. You may hear this being referred to as rubber-banding. It’s because of a lost connection to the multiplayer servers which is restored. The same issue is present in Age of Empires II: DE because both Age of Empires: DE and Age of Empires II: DE use the same multiplayer servers.

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Doh. Sorry i just realised I posted this in the wrong section. Sorry.

That makes sense. It’s a bit odd though as I was playing against my wife who didnt have any issues.

Thank you for your reply.

This is already a known bug. You can use that thread to post your experience. The devs are aware of this issue and hopefully fix this issue soon.

I will advice you to post your experience this this lag in the following thread:

How more people give input for the devs, how quicker the will find the sources, so they can fix this issue.

The issue is most frequently if you play at 1v1 on UK server or on brasil server.