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AoE 4 is on the right track but needs some work on the following:

  1. Game needs gore and blood. Lots of it! Its a war game. Ideas are peaceful, history is violent so fix that :heart::heart::heart::heart: damn it!
  2. Mods for blood, gore, dismemberment should be optional for soft ■■■ nations/people to turn off or on if they’re sensitive to seeing fake blood, guts, and death, grow up and enjoy realism and depth to history. I payed for a war RTS game, by God I deserve and want that crap to be like AoE 2 but of course with better visuals since the game was recently pushed out as a finished project.
  3. Some unit deaths like Siege weapons just explode to small woods chips? WTF is that :heart::heart::heart::heart:, seriously guys?! Undo that :heart::heart::heart::heart: and actually put the effort to make them fall apart like in AoE 2 c’mon.
  4. Single Player campaigns feel scripted and don’t pose much of a challenge as of now. Beautiful idea but ■■■■ poor execution on how players can really change what happens to win or lose in a different way.
  5. Arrows shot from towers, castles, archers look like giant :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: spears and need to be scaled down big time. Like wtf are they all shooting whale harpoons or javelins from a :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: bow!?!? Fix that whaleshit art scaling.
  6. Selecting idle villagers function should be totally customized like in AoE2 not sure WTH you guys changed that :heart::heart::heart::heart: so now I cant use my side mouse buttons to cycle through my town centers and also select ONE IDLE VILLAGER AT A TIME!?! I have it set up like that for quick and easy deployment to cut down on massive micro management and it helps. ALL HOTKEYS SHOULD BE TOTALLY CUSTOMIZED, NO EXCUSES OR EXCEPTIONS.
  7. UI is still crap, it should also be allowed to be customized and resized according to what each person wants. Hopefully mods from a steam workshop will fix this and the devs don’t screw over its fan base by putting limits on that how the game can be MADE BETTER BY FANS!
  8. Zoom in and out should be increased to be greater than what it is. Crap is face to the screen feel. I want to survey large scale whether the battles are small or large.
  9. Buildings should catch fire sooner and destroy the building slowly. Its pointless for it to barely show up towards the end of it nearly being demolished by any unit. Good game feature but again pointless to have it at all. Its more like a cosmetic feature .
  10. Buildings should show damage early on and the fires should start to show around 25-30% into it being damaged no matter what building or nation it is. As the fires continue to burn if not repaired it should take slow damage every few seconds until it is repaired or eventually destroyed from fire itself.
  11. Building destruction animation is crap. Buildings don’t leave evidence of rubble after being razed and that’s where AoE2 shined. If all the said features are hard on people’s computers well have a toggle on or off to enable features otherwise my PC can handle it easily on ultra settings. I get you have to accommodate peoples hard ware but don’t screw over your fans that have top of the line :heart::heart::heart::heart: either.
  12. Some units such as cavalry glide across the map instead of gallop as they should. Long time bug still affecting the damn game. Foot troops do the same crap from time to time still. Unacceptable to this day, its not been addressed.
  13. I would not recommend buying this game as of now. It seems boring compared to its predecessors to be honest. I don’t simp so I am giving you a straight up answer. Wait for this game to be on sale or at the very least wait a bit more till they fix most of what I think is royally :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: on this list by the devs. AoE 4 still feels like a early access beta game not a polished finished product. I understand no game comes out perfect but should of been pushed back to fix more of what’s missing or bugged before hyping the game up to what it really is.
  14. I’ll change my review if I see improvement.

100% agree with every single point.

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