Game is a desaster, admit it please

Y the hate tho? have u even played the beta? i for one did and enjoyed the hell out of it. to me this game feels more like age of mythology i like being able to place units on walls, it was very self expanitory how u get them there, to be honest i think this game is going to be very very well recieved. The only major people i see complaining about it are those big game reviewers who are paid off by other companies its very foolish. My only complaint at this stage is that im hearing nothing about map editor, im one of those guys who plays around with map editors in rts games and makes very pretty maps. I wanna see bohemiah added to this game once they do that bye bye aoe 2 aoe 4 is my new favorite. im 100% on board with them migrating all civs and campaigns to this game

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very minor changes very easy fixes

Just widows of the AOE2. Their mask dropped even more after they released AOE4

7.8 to be exact, that’s my bet or 7.6

He played the open beta and I like it. Nothing else that. I found it fun.

In my opinion, the developers wanted to get the best out of AOE2 and AOE3. Add to that what an RTS needs today for new and old players.

For me it is a kind of great balance or “synthesis” to be able to have the greatest possible success in sales and players. They are a company.

I liked the design style.

I’m a casual gamer, so my opinion can also be a bit superficial.

PS: sorry for my english, I had to help myself with google xD


I don’t know if it will be successful or not, but I made the list of features that I think should be implemented, but that I know will probably never happen. They are merely personal tastes, but there are many that we have in common.

I personally think the game itself is good. But I want a perfect game, not a good game.

“Special”. That is the word that they seem to have ignored.

… And yes, the terrain is the most satisfying thing to see. Other than that, there is nothing else to inspire a screenshot. The boats are great, but the water and the way they shoot doesn’t make them look good. In addition they are also very disproportionate.

The soundtrack is perfect and a lot of sound effects.


Absolutely don’t agree. Company of Heroes3 Will be fantastic for this reason and Humankind Is beautiful for the same.

This Is “Co-developments”. People Will help developers to build the game they wanna see.

both arguments are true, but COH core game play is already established so devs can implement some ideas from community…

This is why Paradox games are so successful. Maybe AOE-4 is successful like this, but it could be much more successful if you listen to suggestions.

There’s a problem with that approach though. While they are all generally of a similar formula, every Age of Empires game has its own features and quirks. Each game has its own following for various reasons. To attempt to appeal to everyone and implement ideas for YOUR Age of Empires game will only pull it in several directions at once.

They have already created the basis for the game with aspects from its predecessors. There are still refinements that can be made, and I’m confident they will be handled with time. If not by the developers themselves, then, just as is available from launch, mod support can refine the experience to people’s tastes.

And before you say it, no, the reliance on mods is not “game devs not doing their job”. Good devs will create the baseline and support mods to allow people to refine the game to their tastes. The game can adapt to people’s preferences following this.

Again, you are wrong. No only did AoK had ctrl groups, but also AoE1 at launch. Stop spreading misinformation here pls. Here’s the proof:

AoK: Check around minute 18 how he uses his militia on Ctrl 1

AoE1: Check around minute 48 how he uses his mixed army on Ctrl 1

Cant believe Im even debating this, what are we even doing here, Warcraft 2 had this in 1995, and I think we could even go further back then that.


stupid homing arrows omg, the worst feature from aoe3


Don’t you remember when the Holy Roman Empire invented homing ICBMs in 1150?

You’re joking, but these are the people that came up with G11
Kraut Space Magic: the H&K G11 - YouTube

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You seem to have gotten confused about what I meant. What I’m saying, unclearly maybe, is that AoK (and AoC) did not have hotkey customization for control groups, techs, attack move, etc.

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yeah because you made the topic , of couse that people will discuss about it.

Hello, I’m moslty starcraft2 player(PvP). Never played AoE. However after watching some streams I’ve became very interested in AoE4. I don’t think the game is a disaster.
For me, the most important thing is that devs should support the game after release. Quick ballance paches, working with community, etc. We’ve seen many examples when an game had a rough start (NoManSky is the most famous one) but developers didn’t giveup and continued to deliver. I really hope AoE4 will have great post launch support and I’m definately looking forward to play it.


Even though I really like AGE4 gameplay , Im with you man , but the game is not disaster.AGE4 should be a trully next gen game , with new a lot new gameplay mechanics , and tactics.For sure AGE4 looks more like AGE2,5 DLC , then AGE4 next gen in 2021.If this game had different title , I would say its from 2011 , not from 2021.Today every game has to look like Fortnight.Its not that I dont like the art style of AGE4, its that this game is made for teenagers , not for people that really love rts games with tactics , and more realistic graphics.AGE4 for me is a good average rts game and it looks like from 2011, not 2021.It looks like every new sequel is made for a new generation people which are mostly teenagers that really love Fortnight.It also looks like people like us that grow up with AGE 1,2 are not that important for business perspective and money.At the end its all about money , big money.Thats why I love indie games so much ;].


I wonder how will look a new C&C game from EA ;] .For sure its not going to be like we all hope so .

What about people that really hate starcraft 1,2 gameplay ;].Starcrafta game is just for people that really know how to point and click faster then light, no tactics and strategy at all ;].