Game is a desaster, admit it please

I am as critical of AoE4 as the next guy but common… Relic created Homeworld, Dawn of War (1) and Company of Heroes (1), which are all deserving to be in a list of the top 10 (or maybe even top 5) RTS games of all times. Just because they had one or two duds it doesn’t make it unreasonable for MS to turn to them to create the next AoE.

At the end of the day AoE4 is co-developed by Relic and World’s Edge. I wouldn’t be so quick to throw the blame at Relic.

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Man, what a great quote. I completely felt that, I played al DE´s and you described it very well when I got to play AoE 4. You see love in those gems and in AoE 4 I just see an attempt?

But you can’t tell they did not have the necessary tools to make this game what we all wanted… They had dozens of well-argued feedbacks from more than a year ago, never saw so good and well fundament feedback and that incredible work done from the whole community to have in the game what we all want as a majority.

They also had Forgotten Empires right next to them to ask for feedback or enhance the very positive things and good job they have done already. They game have so much potential, just need to improve visuals, UI and a real asymmetry.

Its not that difficult to delay the release date to show to the community that they really care and listen to feedback. If they don’t do, then we should not act like fanatics buying an unfinished game. And lets just wait for FE new games, which should be AoM DE (and why not if AoE 4 in hands if Relic fails; AoM 2)

Everytime I see he makes a new video I just wonder if he´s receiving something for doing that… I mean I just don´t feel like he´s being honest at all. He probably got an opportunity to work with them once the game is finished, or I don´t know…


Aight guys calm down now.

That 3d brings problems into RTS and looks weird/unnatural at times is really really common for 3d games.

The main conclusion of tons of critizism here is:
Age4 needs a bit more time until release.

It needs some fine cut and a bit more content.
Right now it feels like a rushed big promotion for another windows service.
(AoE1:DE PTSD strikes again)


I just laugh how people here think it’s about normal for a game to last this long with so many viewership, and for people to play a new game and revert to the old ones. “Oh it’s ok, AOE IV won’t beat AOEII and will go along side.

Uh no… the fact that AOE IV wasn’t such a huge success means it will not create anywhere the type of legacy AOE II made and will be outshone by AOE II. The fact that a 20 year old game is still surviving, and if their tournaments have more viewership than AOE IV tournaments, that’s extra insult to injury.

How many games do you see where you release a new one and everyone reverts to the old one? Call of Duty? Sims? Bro, there maybe a niche pocket still playing the old games but majority shift to the new ones.

Yet everyone here is already admitting that AOE IV will not be that big of a success.

The media articles will exaggurated that even more and it will deter the new fan base. And then when the hype is done, AOE IV will just sink into the background.


I mean, hes a youtuber that does casting.
Im not surprised he’s excited for new content to put on his channel.

I don’t quite understand this accusation about his character. Is there something I don’t know about him?
He seems like a generally upstanding guy imo.
And he’s given criticism whenever he’s felt strong about something.

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Everytime I see he makes a new video I just wonder if he´s receiving something for doing that… I mean I just don´t feel like he´s being honest at all. He probably got an opportunity to work with them once the game is finished, or I don´t know…

@Latulevieja With regard to receiving something for my videos, I can unequivocally assure you I receive no form of reimbursement / payment from any third party. I very obviously have an incentive for AOE4 to be successful, I am a content creator, and as a game grows, my community grows with it too, and with that my ad revenue / twitch subscriptions. However, to suggest that my opinions are not my own and that I am without integrity, will result only in diminishing your arguments.

Aussie Drongo just sounds like he is trying soooo hard to hype this game. Even if lag kills all his army, even if he factors all these bugs that he often swears his head off, he tries to stay positive. Same with Spirit of the Law. He says all his criticism in the most G rated way ever.

@Khansa5234 To be fair I’ve been waiting for this game for 15 years, it could be a steaming pile of ■■■■ and I’d still be hyped for it. With regard to that clip, it was obviously out of my control in a technical stress test, I don’t see why I wouldn’t try to stay positive? I need to make sure I don’t get bogged down by those things if I want to keep streaming for another 5-6 hours otherwise morale takes a huge toll.

You can say a lot about A_D, but “credibility” isn’t one of those things. He’s all hyped up for the potential money coming from AoE4 and that’s it.

@gongalone I wish I could search through your history more, but unfortunately it only lets me go back to late September. Your name, together with @KingStarscream9 are names I have in my brain as being trolls / ‘haters’ / just generally spiteful individuals.

I’m really not sure where your comment came from, but just to give you a little insight -

I’ve made multiple videos critical of AoE4:

I’ve made multiple threads critical of AoE4:

(Others were in the forums which we no longer have access to, but were deep and included a significant amount of feedback)

I’m an active moderator on the Age of Empires 4 subreddit, I use my personal account there for transparency and specifically distance myself as a moderator there from my content creation. I’m not listed in the sidebar as a content creator unlike SOTL, Lidakor, Age of Noob etc, I’ve posted only one of my videos to the subreddit ever, and genuinely moderate the subreddit because I enjoy it the game and want the community to prosper.

As mentioned earlier, I have you listed in my head as a troll, but assuming you’re not, I’d love to hear more from you about my ‘credibility’, and why that of all things, is something you choose to target.

Thanks @BossPaprika1647 for the tag so I actually know that I’m being talked about and can defend myself.


The position that the life of the franchise depends on the success of just one title is irreconcilable with the fact that the Age franchise has never stopped releasing content since it began doing so in 1997.


You are not the only one who has been waiting that long for this. A lot of the frustration by a lot of people is because they waited so long for something like this but the game is the least ambitious out of all the AOE titles. Hence my comments that youtubers are just trying to hype the game but the game itself doesn’t make many wanna actually be super hype that this will be the best age game ever and revamp the RTS community. If I too wasn’t an age fan, I woulda taken the advice and dumped the game. Rather than going through game files and trying to learn modding.

And yes you give critiques, b it not without a million disclaimers. Not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s evident of trying to maintain hype which is the point of my argument.

It’s been a game where if you actually take clips from the trailers, people will argue that the game is so much better. When it should always be the other way around. Hence they’ve done terrible in the hyping market themselves. I don’t expect top AOE youtubers to go on a incessant rant. That’s for commoners.

But FYI I never intended for this to turn into a youtuber character bashing. I don’t support that


Please be sure to respond to the entire post, I did go back and edit it upon reading the remainder of the thread and found some further things to mention in the post. Then I will respond to you.

I respond to my specific part as the rest is just character bashing that I already said I don’t agree with. The edited part isn’t me either.

Despite it releasing content, RTS has become more and more of a niche genre because the other games have gone above and beyond in terms of gameplay and graphics. AOE has become that niche memory for most of when computers were old and people played when they were young.

AOE IV is developing in 2021 with the presence of all the new engines and4K graphics. It’s MEANT to bring AOE on par with the games that it was falling behind to and wow people into playing it with their nostalgia redefined in modern technology with all new game play and features.

Which it didn’t.

All it has is the nostalgia. But they didn’t go above and beyond with anything. AOE needs that one modern title to pull it out of the niche genre and finally lay its 20 year old predecessor to rest. But it seems the predecessor will continue to shine, keeping AOE and RTS that niche genre that people will associate their childhood too. Rather than that epic experience they felt as an adult.

A game I literally attach my laptop to a 4K screen 75 inch tv to play but get so underwhelmed.


I agree there. I’m not presently intending to play aoe4


I disagree massively with a lot of what you have written, but as I’m not here to discuss why 14% of the player base and 46% of the active users on the official forums think the game isn’t hype, I’ll leave it at that.


Also, these forums are absolutely ******* terrible for trying to navigate previous posts. Who thought it would be a good idea to hide posts that I’ve scrolled past.


always trashy. they didnt even update properly the forums since aoeo era

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I’m mainly into campaigns so I really want to see what it is that they spent all their production money on.

The issue I have is that they had a trump card to really boost this game to high grounds. Using the medieval scene, the AOE franchise, and linking it to its most successful and nostalgic predecessor, the game could have carried a whale to the top rankings. They just needed to really invest in it like Ensemble Studios did in all their AOE games. Even if they kept the gameplay exactly the way it is and put a lot of money into boosting the graphics to modern, and then really polishing and enhancing the trailers, it would have generated hype like no other.

But if this game just becomes another age game, it’s hard to rely on future releases of any other games to generate that level of hype since the trump card has already been played. The “after decades of silence, AOE brings a new game into the modern era”.

Now it will be “after their previous recent release, AOe tries again.”

And AOE IV will create a lasting impression on the AOE franchise and any future titles to come. Good or bad.


Seriously? I fear I don’t want to know when you get overwhelmed on that 75 inch. :slight_smile:

But that’s definitively not how you play RTS or this game should have been designed for, extremely large monitors. For most PC games 4K is a bummer anyway in regard to power consumption and required CPU/GPU performance, for creatives in design and even rendering it’s a different story of course.

You base all your game critics by playing on that TV?

Maybe you could buy 75" with 8K so it has higher PPI which will make it look much better. You do sound a bit like a rich spoiled rich here. I want my, I want my MTV.

And we can’t waste too much power for just playing games imho.

Critics are never kind and it’s also normal to be very careful not to burn down the house too.


By me specifically mentioning that means it’s a game I was so excited about that I wanted to play on a big screen. By playing on a big screen you expect to see the intricate details that can be missed on smaller screens. But in AOE IV there is no intricate details to look at because it is all washed out.

And those people who say “uhhh that’s not how you play RTS”. Go pull up AOE III DE and check out the beautiful 3D rendering on that. Or AOE II DE and look at the intricate unit details on that. “That’s not how RTS is played”, sounds like you are the same person everyone has been quoting who made that joke (or I think the joke) about zoom level.

“They wanted extra zoom level but that’s not how you play the game” or something like that.

And who do you think you are telling people how and how not to play a game? You are literally saying RTS genre is doomed to fail because it inherently cannot compete with modern day games due to its genre.

It’s like telling a kid who wants to be a doctor that they can’t because they have a serious mental disorde means they can’t learn like the average kid does.


Your spelling and logic are both disasters in their own right… Please don’t tell anyone to admit something that you have come to your own conclusion about. The vast majority of people interested in this game are supporting the game and don’t agree with your sentiment of it being a disaster. The fact that you think you know better than the developers and broader community highlights more about your own opinion rather than choices the developers have made.


You didn’t answer my one very important question. :slight_smile:

No, I didn’t say that and I’m sure they didn’t mean it in the context like you put it here.

Yes, I’m always the same guy.