Game is a "desaster" -- NOT

I’ve definitely been one of the more critical voices in this forum and, while I stand by much of my criticism (and hope it’s been useful at times as well!), I can definitively confirm that the game is NOT – by any stretch of the imagination – a “desaster” (new word of the year?).

Of course, a plethora of challenges remain and I will continue to clamor for improvements; however, the game is fundamentally fun to play.

So, here’s to you devs:

Now stop gloating, get back to work. :laughing:

And we get it, the game is selling well. That doesn’t mean you have to gold plate everything. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Same feelings here. I’ve been a very vocal critic of the game ever since the closed beta and will keep complaining because that’s how things improve, but the game is fun.

Is it what I was hoping for after so many years without a new AoE? Definitely not. Is it fun and will scratch my itch for fresh AoE content until the next best RTS comes along? Yes! If it can keep me entertained for 1+ years, that’s a win.

Here’s hoping for an AoM DE or AoM 2 at some point.

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I appreciate all the work they did put into it… but it is difficult for me with the current ai and pathfinding… until thats fixed im still :grimacing: cringing

From a technical standpoint this game is done by super amateurs and is just a big throwing together of buggy mechanics.

Menu, optimization, masteries, pathfinding, attackmove, relics, khan spawn, prelate buff, chat, joining group after dodge with ghost groupmembers, leaderboard, game crashes in menu, reaplays.

Big lack of content as well with no ranked, no mods, no gamemodes like regicide to play custom matches with, no vetos.

This game is just thrown together and we give feedback here for way over 6 months and literally nothing but townbell and single unit balance has been adressed.
Nothing but the campaign and 1-2 maps have been added.

From a developement over time and technical standpoint this game is absolutely terrible.