Game is broken since Lords of the West update, crashes at start of games without fail every skirmish game

Title says everything. I’ve just bought the new expansion and was hoping that would fix the fact that I haven’t been able to play past the dark age without a crash but it did not.

The game was working just fine before the update.

On windows 10, have installed updates, upgraded drivers, tried virtual memory change.

The game will crash without fail at the very beginning of a match. To say i am disappointed in this game is a massive understatement. I have paid for a game and DLC that I cannot play.

Age of empires represented what a polished game should be. How is this edition definitive?
To be honest, it’s an embarassment.

How did this get through QA? because it seems like it was never tested.

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Well is strange, have the DLC and the game is fine for me, and I play in a Laptop.
Are you sure that isn’t your system, have you enough RAM?

Yes, as I’ve stated, the game worked fine before the update. I’m playing on laptop with 8gb ram and a 2gb AMD graphics card.

8GB ram is too little actually. even with virtual memory is probably barely enough.

source: not the recommended spec but test it on an old laptop disabling virtual memory with only 8GB crashes each time. needed to give it at least another 8GB of virtual memory minimum.

now assuming ram is the only cause of it and you didn’t gave it enough virtual memory, if u did give enough and it still crash, issue is probably else where.

Actually I have 8GB RAM and played even large team games with rare lag

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i did not mention LAG, i mention crash. you probably have virtual memory and enough so that it doesn’t crash.

edit: if you were to disable whole bunch of services, software and only have basic window function/service + AOE2 running, then 8GB might be enough without virtual memory. though thats kinda unrealistic.

As I’ve said, the game was running fine before the update. Smooth, barely any lag. Now it just crashes. It is not a problem with my PC’s specs.


maybe the game make use of more hardware than it did prior to the update? if thats the case why would be the game issue if the computer hardware can’t handle it?

try lowering your settings so it uses less resource, there are threads people mention GPU usage spike up because they remove the fps cap, which result in more GPU usage, which means more CPU usage, which likely result use of more ram because more data flying into CPU to process. click vsync box to limit it to w/e your screen is capable of, and up your virtual memory, try it. if you dont try, u make 0 progress.

I’ve a friend playing on a laptop with 4gb ram and integrated graphics, basically a worse version of mine, and it seems to run fine for him. I will explore your suggestions though.

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sounds like a massive virtual memory or no 3rd party software/services at all.

you can have 8 GB of ram but if you got ton of program at start up, services running u’d only have say 3GB of free ram. look at the free ram available.

I have 7.4g of ram available.

then try it, if still doesn’t work then issue is else where. but I can tell you this, this does not look good for you if your friend only has 4GB ram and still work while yours doesn’t.

I didn’t buy the new DLC yet but I would later, so I’m sad to hear this.

Just a few question that I would like know.

Do you play on your laptop screen or using an external monitor?
Which AMD graphics card is installed in your system?
Where by accident new Windows feature (build) update recently installed?
Are there any optional updates at Windows update screen?

I can run latest build without LOTW fine on both GTX760M and integrated Intel HD 4600 graphics. My CPU is an Intel I7 4th generation, 32 GB, 2 TB SSD.

I’m going to note first that the problem started happening before I installed and bought Lords of the West. When the update for lords of the west came out. I thought buying it would maybe fix the new issues.

I play on my laptop screen usually, although I sometimes use a HDMI.
The crashing happens both ways.

I’ve an AMD Radeon 530

I probably ran windows update after the AOE problems, to see if that would fix. I’ll check for optional updates.

Since 2004 release it’s a separate section through Windows updates where you have to tick the ones you would like to update. If there are no optional driver updates available the section will not be shown in Windows update screen.

Your AMD Radeon 530 notebook GPU is quite on the low end already sadly. So that you had problems before LOTW already doesn’t surprise me at all.

AMD Radeon 530 GPU - Benchmarks and Specs - Tech

[IMPORTANT] Fixing the freeze at the start of the game that came with the 44725 update :: Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition General Discussions (

This fix works for the same issue, it is not afaik connected to your hardware specs period, just how AOE is failing to handle multiple processor cores on some brands, this will mess up your performance in game by a lot but it stops the ingame crashes for me

If it was related to PC specs then the game would crash more after you disabled extra cores in your processor, not less

The issue is, I had almost no issues before the LOTW update!

Yeah, that makes it very clear that some changes in their code raised the bar too much.

And this seems specifically happening more with AMD than Intel after the release of new builds.

It’s a bit the chicken and the egg story here.

I’ve started installing the optional update to Windows 10, version 20H2.
Will update if anything changes.

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After any optional feature (Windows release) updates, always go back there to check again for updates.

The latter step is very important if a new Windows build has been installed, also if it’s cumulative build like 20H2. Actually 2004 was the bigger one of the releases and from april 2020 already.

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