GAME is GREAT, ... BUT this things

Thank you for such a great game 1st of all.
It’s been two weeks since launch and I think everyone waits for a release patch to fix the most bugs, or the critical ones.

  • But on the other side I think keybinds should also be re-designed as it does not make sense to use , . / for idle units where all the grid keys are on the left side of the keyboard.
  • Game performance would benefit so much if you were to implement DLSS and FidelityFX support - I think this will satisfy so many gamers to have smooth performance.
  • Moving Buildings at Mongols should not count as military because you move your base and you select all army to do some attacks and you find your TownCenter, Archery… buildings with you in the army. That’s makes Mongols to not move at all… Military units should not count buildings especially the ones which are non attacking / defensive buildings.
  • As well one of the most important aspects of the game is to see how you did last game … so give us detailed statistics after end game, things to look for 30 min or so and to comment on them. Also offer the possibility to select a specific timeline to see more details like during a fight, or … what is economy score about ? Break all the numbers into details and more and more statistics

Once More - This Game could be the best RTS there is currently on the market.
Make it So and please - release often because this i think is the way to address bugs . like Day 1 Patch and then like patch every week would be cool to address topics as they appear.

So please release patch every week or so… until the game is getting stable at least.

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