Game is not flushing or cleaning ram after a game it might be causing the crashes

  • Build : current
  • Platform : steam


Just played an hour long bf game which didn’t crash … checked task manager to see 9.9 of my 15gb ram was committed even after the game ended. I close the game and that went down to 3gb of ram. So I can see why people are getting crashes the game isn’t cleaning up after a match has finished.

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It’s by design that the game stores everything in memory. It makes going between games much faster, and is essential for 2DE given how long it takes to load the first match of that instance.

Well it’s not working correctly if it’s crashing peoples games? you have to restart the game before every match if you don’t want it to crash. Either they need to remove that or only keep the default things all civs have. I think it might be storing everything so if it’s a 4v4 it’ll store all their units and next game it could be a 2v2 with different units just wasting memory. It uses 8gb of ram just in the menu … which is major.

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