Game is Removing Mods On Boot

Thank man. Indeed fixed.

I just submitted a mod and subscribed to it, however it doesn’t launch, and when I restart the game I see the folder disappear in front of my eyes! Is there some waiting time between subscribing and restarting the game that we should be aware of?

Right now it’s not enough to just sign up for the mod on the site, you also have to sign up for the game and wait a while without leaving the game for the mod to fully download. A circle usually appears to me to the left of the mod name which means that the mod is being downloaded. Only when it disappears do you download the mod.

Hi, is it possible to unsubscribe to the mods for events? When ever I try to unsubscribe one of those mods then come up active next time I play the game. For example, the trophies and TCs decoration.

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@DodoNotDoDo is there any news on a fix for this?

It’s still happening - whatever the code is for this part of this sytem, it really should be regression tested each time any new code/fixes are implemented since it seems to be frequently impacted.

The issue with being auto subscribed to the event mods? Depending on timing, it could be related to a recent event where previous event mods were re-enabled so may have gotten resubscribed. But even if they’re subscribed to, you should be able to deselect them so they’re not enabled.

So I guess I need more detail on what you’re referencing, like specific mod(s) and if they’re auto subscribing or auto re-enabling or what’s happening.

It’s actually the exact same issue as the very original post reported, including the replication steps.

Perhaps though, as you said, it’s to do with timing, since I can see today they have launched a new challenge event, perhaps this is interferring.

I’m not seeing an issue in my testing, nor do I see any problems with the backend system. If it does continue for you, please start a new bug report (since this one is marked solved) with as much detail as possible so the game team can check it out.