Game is Still Connected and Player Can Not Move Units or Pause the Game

Game Version:
Build 28529
Platform Steam

In a 4v4 on Highland the game works for a while and then suddenly the game looses the ability to task units and then for them to do their assigned job. Also in the same situation, the game looses the ability to pause. These might be connected and they might be in a problem already known or in the process of getting fixed.

Reproduction Steps:

  1. A 4v4 game on highland
  2. Play the game for at least 10 minutes
    There were not many certain circumstances in this issue and it may take a long time of testing to get this to replicate.

About 3:06:30 the problem starts.

Problem continues in just all multiplayer games across many players. Might be an issue that can occur in any conditions.

This is a connection issue. The commands are not getting through to the server. Cause can be player’s own connection, ISP, internet infra on the way to server ISP, server ISP, or the server’s connection.

If you want to try and find out which, run tracert when this happens and see at which point the packets drop.

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