Game is very unbalance for russia on maps where there are llamas

french for example starts with a scout and that civ can take all llamas in the map while i not. So it gives them avery good boom.
Rush will fail very often is french players gets llamas.
on those maps probably the win rate for russia is going to be lower.

800 hundred food for free. Now russian player is 800 food behind opponnent

also french scout can attack russian explorer along with french explorer, and kill russian explorer

by minute 5 llamas have 150 food each meaning 50 food free every 2 minutes, no way i can beat french scout and explorer taking llamas with just 1 explorer

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Would be nice if they just fully implemented aoe2 qs where the map was chosen first and you have up to a minute to change your civ before clicking “ready”. Then there could be no tp maps in the pool and Russia, Dutch, etc would be more viable on these maps.

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Well, unfortunately this is the way it is.
Different civs do better on some maps and worse on others
On the other hand on most maps where there is no livestock russia is the favoured civ to win against the French as one civ takes map control, initiative and gets a lot more units early while the other will have their vills idle inside the tc most of the time and needs to play a nearly perfect game, not take damage and somehow go to fortress because if france stays colonial its pretty much game over.
Think about ports for example and how different the civ is on water maps and on land maps.
I could even argue that the buff to ports land has probably made the water maps a free win for ports

there is no water maps on ranked

Florida, Saguenay, New England, Baja California, Patagonia, and Hokkaido are all water maps. Korea has fish too but without whales I excluded it.