Game Keeps Crashing

Has anyone found a fix for this issue??? During game play the game just crashes. I’ve updated everything and nothing is wrong with my computer either. Game used to run fine.


What are your specs?

this could be taking its base from ur specs because this game is one the best regular working for me.Since its released i just got 2-3 crashes and probably hard pressure over editor stuffs.

i don’t think it’s about specs.because the game was running smoothly before the latest updates and i don’t have the best specs.numerous players have this problem for instance i can’t play the game since about 30-35 days maybe more.
and the solutions around the forums are not working for me.i’ve tried everything i can.if i add some more rams or if i enhance my graphics card to my system it won’t be change.the game devastating the cpu since the latest 2 updates.cpu usage is bouncing to should be fixed soon.

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Hope it would get fixed soon then

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I’m trying to work with Microsoft directly to fix the problem. At least with them you can get someone live instead of the AOE support that never responds to anything.

I have the same problem. The solutions on the AoE website are useless.
How did you get in contact with the microsoft team?

Same problem for me. Game crashes right after I put down the first houses.
My PC sn’t great, but the game ran fine before the LOTW update and the server Update that came with it. It has been almost two months since I haven’t played a single match. Neither vs AI nor online.
I have Windows 8 and when I contact the support they just say they don’t troubleshott because of my old windows version. Even though Windows 8 wasn’t the problem until they released LOTW. It’s really really sad.

Minimum requirement for the expansion is windows 10 64 bit. That is fairly likely your problem.

That was the minimum requirement even before LOTW. I didn’t start playing with LOTW. When the expansion came out, I already had over 100 online 1v1s.
So if that would be the issue, then the LOTW patch changed something that makes it impossile to play now.
And since other players with more than enough specs have the same issue, it doesn’t seem like the OS is the core problem here

More then likely there was a code change that happened that only works on windows 10 compatible os. There are a ton of games you can play below minimum spec but it may become dicy. It just means that if you dont have this minimum it may not work

I’m playing on windows 10 64bit and it’s not working. I think it has to do with the directx 11, on windows 10 you have to use directx 12. Not sure if that makes difference though, just running out of ideas for what might be wrong. Microsoft directed me to AOE support because they found no reason on their end why the game wouldn’t be working

That actually could be a big problem. Just update to dx12.

yeah that’s what I currently have is dx12 because dx 11 can’t be used with windows 10