Game keeps freezing (frame freeze) after installing India DLC

Hello! Is anyone experiencing their game freezing since the new India DLC update? I purchased the DLC and tried playing the Gurjaras 4 times but it froze on me 20 - 30 minutes into the game every time. Happens in single player as well as multi player. I can see that the other players continue to play unaffected but I am unable to control anything - Frame does not move & no button works. Only option is to force shut down the game and restart. I tried disabling firewall but problem persists.
Any help/advice would be very much appreciated.


I have this too! Not sure what causes it or how to fix other than Alt+F4

It is bug. Game softlockes. Game breaking, especially in multiplayer.

Ive noticed this too

Pretty sure its related to boats attacking, its doesn’t always happen when boats attack, but boats seem to cause it

Any boat can cause it