Game keeps switching my civ in multiplayer games

The game should remember my last selected civ for multiplayer games. And it does. But it keeps separate memories for 2v2,3v3,4v4. I might play a civ once for a mission or something, but otherwise I like playing one specific civ. It’s super annoying when the game chooses to remember a different civ I played from 5 games ago. I don’t pay attention during the long queues and wind up in game with the wrong civ and just quit. That isn’t fun for anyone.

Ex: I queue for 2v2, 3v3, or 4v4.
I load into a 2v2 lobby and play Delhi
Next game I load into a 3v3 and choose Abbassid.
Next game I load into a 3v3 and it has Abbassid selected for me.
Next game I don’t look, but it’s a 2v2 lobby and the game for some reason assumed I wanted to play Delhi again because I played Delhi in the last 2v2.

I think that’s how it’s happening, or it’s just trolling me for no reason.

Just make it simply remember my last chosen civ no matter what game mode or size of game it is. Wouldn’t that make the most sense?


Thank you for reporting @Heftydogg! The team will look into it.

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