Game lags when there are many units on the screen

Hi guys.

I am playing 1v1’s on Medium graphics, and it runs fine until I get like 50+ units on the screen. Then the game drops to 30-40 FPS, even less at times. I feel like I should be getting better performance, since my card is above the recommended one? I am playing at 1080p.

CPU: Ryzen 5 5600x

GPU: GeForce 1660 super


Disk: Samsung SSD

Depends on the map, how many teams+pop there is, what’s going on, and whether you’re panning the camera heavily. To be expected that the frame rate would drop in intense spots.

I’m on a OC’d RX480 4GB and I find playing with the following settings below greatly helps my performance.

Image Quality: Medium
Textures: Low
Geometry: Maximum
Anti-Aliasing: Off
Shadows: Low

This gives me 85-105 FPS in the majority of scenarios. The image quality isn’t as good as it is maxed out, but I don’t play this game to get my graphics kicks so it’s not a big deal. I could probably cap it at 60 and almost max it out but I always go for frame rate over image fidelity. Once you get used to high frame rate gaming (175 Hz+) even 60 seems slow.

We definitely plan to continue optimizing how Age IV runs. If you think your poor performance reaches a problematic level @SeekerP9, please do contact support here with your DxDiag. Thanks!