Game lobby upgrades (most important ) - Please MS, take a look!

Hello guys at Microsoft, Age of Empires 1 DE is a great game! Excelent gameplay! Good work there!
However you guys should improve the game a little more, the multiplayer experience should be improved. There is a huge potential to attract more players.

  1. Improve the Lobby - Quickmatch will not work at moment because we dont have enough players for it, for quickmatch, i think we need at least 4k+ players playing. So the improvements should be on the lobby, 99% of the games are played there.

a) ability to browse lobby when player is inside the game room (just like Age 2 DE lobby).

  1. Fix the rating system- fix the way rating games work

a) fix the rating bug (in team game, if a player changes the team, the game will result in 0 rated point. Example, if you are playing a 3x3, when you get inside the room, player 1 is assigned to team 1, player 2 is assigned to team 2, player 3 is assigned to team 1 and so on, if any of the players change the team order, it will result in 0 point.)

b) reduce the numbers of ladders, currently there are 1x1, 2x2, 3x3, 4x4 and FFA. Just make it 1x1 and Team Game Ladder, just like Age 2 DE.

c) as most of the games are played in lobby, the host should be able to turn on and off if the is ranked or unranked just like the previous Microsoft Version of the game. Currently if you host a 4x4 ranked room, if there are 6 players in a room, you cant play 3x3.

Those small changes will help a lot !! Trust me! I think it will not take much time to fix. Competitive players need a working rating system. Competitive players attract new players, new streamers etc.

Now, some extras:

  • Reduce the number of disconnections ( seens like it related to the server, not sure if its related to the game itself)
  • Add flare option ( just like Age 2, it will help a lot in team game and will not change the way the game is played, even in game UI, around the mini map, there is an empty spot waiting for it lol )
  • Some new maps ( oasis was a nice new map, some more would be nice)

bro, we all have been asking the same features for ages…but somehow after steam release, they have messed up the game even more. I hope they listen to us.

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