Game-losing bug: Ctrl+Shift+V buys stone, rather than selecting all castles

Scenario: you need some trebs urgently, but you don’t have gold, so you go to the market and sell some wood for the gold. Then you Ctrl+Shift+V to select your castles to make the trebs.

That’s strange … it didn’t select your castles. Try Ctrl+Shift+V again? And again, and again.

Surprise! All the gold you just bought has been exchanged for useless stone at a terrible exchange rate at the market. Now you’re out of resources and you lose the game.

It turns out, when you have the market selected, Ctrl+Shift+V does not select all castles. Instead, it clicks “buy stone” five times!

I assume the game is checking for Shift+V (which would be the shortcut to click “buy stone” 5 times) before it checks for Ctrl+Shift+V. IMO, this is clearly a bug, and it should perform these checks in the other order.

(Yes, I’ve checked: this bug still exists in the latest patch 42848.)


I have been the victim of this bug several times too.

This is what’s really terrible about this issue, people could be completely unaware of what happened.

Most of the times key combos with more keys should have higher priority, if a conflict happens.

@GMEvangelos Should be a simple fix?

Wasnt this bug reported, patched & solved long ago? jeez Im having a terrible feeling…

While I agree that the order in which keydowns are checked is probably not working as intended, there are easy fixes to that problem:

a) Use a better hotkey that Ctrl+Shift+V to select all castles. In fact, replace all Ctrl+Shift+[Button] standard hotkeys that you intend to use with something easier to reach and/or remember. A three-button-combination of keydowns is not a hotkey, it’s an indirection.
b) Don’t use hotkeys to buy/sell ress at the market. Delete them. Or, at least, change them to the least reachable button on your Keyboard. At best, they’re useless. At worst, they lose you the game because you had a market selected that you weren’t aware of.

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There seems to be so many “simple fixes” that just dont happen.