Game Mode Suggestion for Devs

Hello! I’m new here. So hopefully I’m posting this in the right place. I’ve been playing AoE2 since it came out and been playing 4 since day 1! I thought of a cool optional mode I thought I’d suggest to the Devs and see if anyone else has ideas to add.

I’m thinking of a Realism game mode that adds a day/night cycle and possibly a weather cycle.

Realism mode

Day/Night Cycle
-Reduced vision at night
-production shuts down at night, villagers must return to buildings to sleep. May include production buildings and outposts. Some mechanics could include awakening the villagers during raids and an upgrade to include a night shift that costs a certain amount of gold per night shift villager.

Hopefully include a weather cycle with weather effects. Reduced burning during rain and snow etc. Maybe Random low chance lightning strikes during storms.

I haven’t thought through all of the mechanics, so I’m not sure if it’s possible to balance. But I’m sure much more could be included if anyone has ideas to add.


They do need to add a day/night option, would love battles at 6am or at night.

No idea why they have not added that in.

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Right? It doesn’t even need to go as far as the other suggestions. I just having the day/night or weather cycle modes would be neat options.

Hey cool idea! I have also thought about how cool a day/night cycle mode would be and here’s some of my thoughts on how some of the mechanics could work:

Units get increasingly fatigued the longer they are in the dark, which reduces the stats of the unit until recharged (rested) by firelight/sunlight.

Ability/research to set up camp with a firepit that recharges units.

Vision/range in darkness severely reduced.

Wolves/other animals spawn more frequently/do more damage at night

Option to toggle traders on/off during the night. Could set up camps to make the trade routes less dangerous/remain effective.

Units can make torches or lanterns for 25 wood that will allow them to not get fatigued but don’t recharge them. This will make them visible at farther distances.

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Salutations and welcome to the forum! A day night cycle would be amazing, it would remind me of the good ol days of og warcraft3. Seeing buildings and torches light up would be very cool. Perhaps they could add lamps to the generated roads.

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Those are all great ideas! We may almost be treading more into mod territory than official game mode at this point, but it would be really cool to see it done.

To add to your trader suggestion, another cool potential upgrade could be caravan guards. Either arming each of your traders with the ability to defend themselves to some degree, or a separate unit spawn that assigns itself to a trader.

There’s a nice historical aspect to it as well, as rich and powerful merchants were capable of fielding their own small armies to protect their valuables.

Hello, and thank you!

That’s a fantastic point! It’s been so long since I played WC that I actually forgot it had a day/night cycle. It would be an awesome feature even if it were only in an aesthetic capacity.

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