Game needs patch ASAP

Seriously, the game is extremely unfun right now. Every game is just facing the same two civs, mongols and rus because people seem to think abusing the same overpowered things makes them pro or something. It’s not the fact that they can’t be beat or countered but the fact that the amount of effort it takes to abuse those civs is not the same as the effort it takes to counter them. Dealing with mongol tower rush is extremely unbalanced in terms of effort required. Even if you beat them back it doesn’t matter because they’ll still age up before you due to cheap double production. Rus horse archers aren’t as bad but still unbalanced as they have no clear counter. Yes you can say to make archers but archers shoot slower and if the rus player sees that he’ll just add mangonels and mangos +HA beats mangos + archer. Horsemen are supposed to act like aoe2 skirmishers as they do bonus damage against ranged but they fail because they get kited to oblivion by HA. Late game sucks as it turns into ww2 simulator with all the siege tanks that drive around like cars.


Techincally archers shoot the same attack speed as horse archers because like 80% of the units in the game have bugged attack speed (they are supposed to shoot faster). I agree though, they are too strong right now.

I don’t think the game is as dull as springald meta, but it definitely needs balance changes soon.

personal adjustments opinion…

・towers’ woods consumption:70->72
・mong-dai(?, mongolized horse archers) have additive nagative bonuses against villagers to fix so-called easy harass travels in early time and melee infantries in a bit.

・Reducing bonus golds from deers 10->9.
・Additive hunting levels(?) 4. (because of an early age3 landmark & relics boosters)
・Strelet golds consumption:90->88

・I don’t know well I didn’t use that civs.

・no changes

・In Firelancers
Additive negative bonuses against melee infantries : 0 → -5
Siege values : 45->40 (basedamage), +10 → +8 (elite bonuses), 65 → 58 (upgraded, no changes)
・an Age4 melee technology boosts(I don’t know a general name) in 20%->22%
・an Age4 gunpowder technology boosts in 20%->22%

Holy Roman Empire
・Convert skills range +1 only during in a priest holding a relic.

・I don’t know well I didn’t use that civs.

・Additive discount-costs technologies in Age4 to siege units only built by infantries or/and archers similar to Chinese age4 NB technology.

Anyway I’m also waiting for spring updates!

I’m with you, game is a clownfiesta.

And relic has abadoned the game to work on company of heroes.

So we wont see a patch soon.

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I know it’s hyperbolic but I think it’s true

This game probably didn’t sell as well as they thought it would, so it has bare bones support as they’re working on the next income generator

The solution is to sell civs as DLC and use that to bring in a lot of extra revenue and balance support

They just need to patch the bugs and bring the quality of life features first before even thinking of adding new civs, also they gotta make sure the first 8 civs are well balanced too.
Aoe3 DE made that mistake, they launched the game full of bugs and balance issues with some civs and adding new civs really didn’t make the game any better, it actually drove many players away from the game.

January is very very much winter so… unless they do an emergency patch or call it something else its safe to assume a patch won’t be here until late Feb early march

Tbh Mangudai is probably the worst unit/bonus the mongols have, rarely worth building.

I’d say Mongols need a small nerf to dark age and maybe feudal stone generation (maybe a buff in imp to make up for that) or a small nerf to stone cost of units and probably some nerf to outposts (either their emplacements costing something other than stone or maybe slightly more expensive outposts) or maybe even outposts moved to feudal.

Rus need horse archers bugfixed to have displayed attack speed (and not get super powered from incendiery arrows and probably some small nerf to ship swapping into attack ships)

Delhi needs like 20 bugfixes before we can figure out what changes they need - although fishing boats need a nerf and imp techs + elephants will still probably need some love

France is pretty good, probably some very slight buffs and maybe a slight nerf to the power of hulks

Chinese fire lancers need nerfs to building damage just so team games aren’t ruined, I would personally remove some power from fire lancers and grenadiers and add some power to the dyansty buildings or the landmarks themselves, clocktower needs a nerf to siege hp.

HRE - landsknechts could use some small buff to defenses or cost or something more creative. They could also use probably some smaller buffs to stave off early aggression, I’d suggest a buff to early MAA but people seem to struggle vs English MAA rush at low elo, so maybe something else. Maybe a buff to their cheaper emplacement ability?

English - something to make them useful after early castle age, maybe some siege tech instead of splash damage trebs (or maybe just having trebs be better in general)

Abbasids - probably mostly small changes. Could use buffs to age up time or house of wisdom techs, and some buffs to camels to make them more generically buildable. (also fix castle age military wing having the cost of an imp tech). A buff to the culverin (maybe allowing it’s anti-siege bonus to be affected by chemistry so it actually counters bombards?) would be good for both Abbasids and HRE.

Generic - Junks and especially Dhows need to be stronger so that water balance isn’t a complete joke. Demo imp upgrade needs to be fixed, and probably all-around small nerfs to ships so that they don’t completely dominate coastlines and melt docks. Horseman need a small survivability buff. Probably some change that addresses team game siege, not sure what though that doesn’t massively effect the reasonable balance in 1v1.

Most civs have a garbage landmark or 2 that need buffs - Abbey of Kings, Burgrave Palace, Khaganate Palace, China, again probably Delhi but they are all bugged anyway so who knows, probably all the non-French unique keeps (white tower is ok probably cause it’s castle age)


France is overall pretty good rn, I dont think any buffs needed. Hulk is hard to tell because its a big strength but at the same time a weakness for the French as it requires a lot of investment and overcommiying on hulks in certain maps can be fatal. Maybe it could use some adjustments to their overall stats and cost as it is already slightly different from hre and English hulks

Agree, also bombard range shouldn’t be same as age4 springalds and culverins

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