Game not even counted?

My last 4v4 match simply doesnt exist at all.

We won (but I was killed but I wanted to spectate) since I hold two Fire lancer spammers (+gold exploiters suprisingly) at bay for such a long time so my team managed to breach elsewhere.


When we got a victory screen suddenly there was a title like: Error match stats are not aviable altough they actually were like in normal case (huh?)

I wanted to check it again after I leaved but game is simply not in history … Yes I had a game titled like NO RESULT before but this exact game is non-exist …

Players are not even in recently-played list …

I want my 40 mins of holding two exploit abusers back. And of course my brain cells since am gonna need them as med. student.

Thanks and please take a look on this I would like to avoid such a situations in a future.

Oh and I played this game on 7am with at least 3 Chinesse players in enemy team.

Relic I beg you as one of the best coh TG players make them separate server OR do not allow them to climb up ladder only by spamming games + fix all this game-crashing exploits. Thanks.

(Find me a one CoH player who is gonna praise Chinesse players and I will apologize)

Thanks again