Game of Thrones - Clash of Kings

Hey there
I am pleased to announce this new map called “Game of thrones - A clash of king”

It includes Data/Sounds/Graphic modding and it’s a diplomacy 8 multiplayer map

Next to the “classic” way of win trough relics (Holding 7 relics for 15 minutes)
Every player will get a secret win condition which is random every game and for every player.

  • Take control of 1 castle in every region (8 in total)
  • Take control of 2 regions (including kreposts and accursed tower) + keep possession of your Region.
  • Take control of 2 unowned castle and 1 region
  • Take control of King’s Landing and get 400 Kills and 100 Razes
  • Take control of King’s Landing and 2 Capitals

Whenever someone achieve this “secondary” win condition, there’s no countdown, the player will win immediatly.

There’s no allied victory
There are units/building limits that are automatically detected so the player will not waste their resources.

Castles can be placed only on specifcs spots (aswell kreposts)
Every Castle gives an amount of resources income every second (like the Feitoria)

Many many other updates are coming !

Thanks to Icecake who helps me in making this map
Loading screen / sounds / genie editor work were realized by me; custom graphic was realized by me and by Abejin who I comissioned and who i want to thanks for the help.

By deleting the button of the winning condition, the player can read it whenever he wants

Feel free to join our discord, custom scenario dedicated,