Game Pass PC Saves unavailable

So… last evening I was working on the fall of Xiangyang, only to notice that today my saves are ALL unavailable, and… guess what: The reason for this is that there’s a new patch which apparently isn’t backwards compatible.

But hold on… it gets even better: this patch was applied without me asking if I wanted to update warning me of the dangers. I use the xbox app with the game pass, so games are installed in a manner that allows me zero control over them.

To top it all off: there’s no option to roll back to the previous patch version. Sure, it’s only an hour or so that I have to replay, but in a world with a full time job and other commitments, every hour I can spend on doing something I enjoy more than working is precious to me.

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At least give me the option to update when I am ready for it, or failing that, to roll back the game to the last patch.

ps: other than that I really love the game

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100% agree - this happened to me also. Pathetic!

Unbelieveable to see such drawback these days. I’m on the same situation here. At least ability to postpone until you finish that campaing stage.

I was testing via game pass to see if I would buy it but don’t have that much time to spend anymore…