Game Performance Abysmal Since Upgrade

I have been playing this game since near launch on an old 7970 graphics card. Last week I upgraded to a 5700 XT. No settings in the game have changed, and no other hardware has changed, but the game has become completely unplayable to me. Any time anyone ages up, I get a lag spike and can hardly control the game for thirty seconds. Half of the games end with me minutes behind other players without any disconnect. The civ select screen also lags for me.

I just “won” a 3v3 where I was twenty five game minutes behind the other players.

Does anyone have any suggestion here?


I’m experiencing extreme stuttering and horrible framerate drops since upgrading to an RTX3090 from a GTX1080ti. The 1080ti ran flawlessly.

My guess is that the devs have not yet done any compatibility testing/optimizations with this newer hardware. I hope they put the time and resources into fixing these issues, otherwise they should put some “Maximum System Requirements” on the box.


I have this exact same profile of issues.
Word for word, exact same experience.

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No problem here with a 5700 xt.
Some users have reported a lot of problems when they upgraded their old PC with a new AMD card (drivers conflict etc). The best fix is, sadly, to reset your OS then to reinstall the AMD adrenalin driver (

Or you can try to only reinstall the driver sometimes it is sufficient. Use DDU to uninstall the driver before reinstall it.

Good luck ! (I am French so my english is “meh”, sorry…).

Edit: Maybe you have an integrated graphics chipset in your processor ? And the game uses it instead of the 5700xt ?

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It was the other way around for me.

Yes, this happens to me as well. When me or someone advance age, game freezing for 5 second and lagging for 10 second. This started 4-5 month ago


The DE games have been having a couple issues on AMD GPUs so it may be down to that. Take a look at this video, Age of Empires 3 Definitive Edition - The Digital Foundry PC Tech Review - YouTube


I have de same issue I proved with other games and only Age has the bug

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Don’t get any hope since the team is already off due of the Christmas/New Year celebrations.

Im playing the game with normal fps for a GPU 1660 and CPU ryzen 3600 (around 118-140 fps)
Starts droping fps as the game goes on. But nor the gpu(not even the dram) or cpu or RAM reach 70% during the game but the FPS goes down to 10. Not sure why. Havent changed anything on pc.
Just for the record is a desktop and temperature doesnt reach 55 degrees
Any ideas?

Why would you get a Ti instead of a cheaper and less than 2% different 1660S :rofl:

Hey, I have a 1660S and a 3300X, and I have my max frame rate locked to a stable 100FPS.
The issue is with the CPU. CPU is stuck on single core (or thread?) usage for AoE2

So the improve can be done by OC the processor? or by having best single core performance?

I’d imagine both of those

Since the latest major UI update, I’ve been having the exact same issue!

Whereby during a multiplayer online game, every few minutes or so the frame rates drop to half and essentially lags, then after 30 seconds or so the game speeds back up frantically.

I can barely do anything when the frame rate drops, it won’t register my clicks.

Game used to play perfectly fine before the latest update, so I’m 100% sure it’s that. But in any case I play on a Ryzen 3700u Vega 10.

Has anyone got any advice ?