Game performance issue

Hello everyone
i had issue since the game release with performance, me and my friends, the game is not playable in 2v2 or 3v3 or 4v4 in every fight scene we get a massive lag i have a high end PC but still have a lot issue with game my FPS is dropping to 10 or 2 this happen when Units more than 200 is getting fight each other
and my system spec is :
16 GB ram
AMD 3600
and my network speed is 20 Mb/s and my game ping is around 98~100
anyone have any idea whats the problem is ?

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The engine of the game is still more than ten years old. Just made some changes, so the optimization is not too good now. So it’s not your computer performance that’s the problem. I think most players will encounter this problem.


hmm everything looks good, its much better then mine and I don’t have problems usually.

the only thing I can think of is check which server region you are connecting to since there might be bottlenecks elsewhere,but those aren’t in your control.

other then that reduce background stuff to a minimum and also check if there isn’t any gpu settings that maybe throtelling you. there was a thing with nvidia gpus where silent mode was on by default and it throttled the gpu early

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EU servers or UK sometimes i even have lag in singleplayer when units fight each other in large scale like more than 200

If its happening even in single player then I highly suspect its your GPU or CPU bottlenecking somehow.

Might want to check utilisation rates while playing the game

If the GPU especially is low even when your graphics settings are maxed out, I suspect its throttling

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