Game problem Closing and audio getting mute

Come on, where to start my specs and the following:

EVGA Notebook i7 6820HK CPU, 32GB DDR4 2666 RAM, Samsung M2 SM951 HD, 980m 8GB GPU.

Windows 10 Enterprise LTSC, 64bits
Build 17763.rs5_release.180914-1434
all updated notebook drivers. all.

tell me what’s the matter? windows totally clean without any third party program, steam installed in C: \ Program Files (x86), I have already reinstalled the game several times, checked files, unscrewed the DLC, downloaded game again, tried everything but nothing seems to solve, my game closes all the time when I start the game, either online, Ai bot or campaign. game closes every time it starts the game, and closes from scratch when I’m playing. Also, the game audio is muted out of nowhere when opening the game, someone is going through it gives me a light, I believe there is some problem with the game engine, because I never had a problem with any other steam game, origin and batlenet.

Another problem and the game settings are not saving, you change the settings and when you close the game and open again did not save the settings, I can play very hard without the game closing if I do not change any settings only under these conditions to avoid of the game close again.

I could have taken my money back, but I love this game and I believe the developers will solve this problem

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Don’t worry you are not the only one. After I changed my page file I could atleast play a few minutes before my game crashed to desktop with no error message.

Many people are having this issue. Just watch this:

Just see this:

Let’s hope the devs gets the crash issue fixed ASAP!

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Thanks for the feedback, we will wait then

after i upgraded my windows from build 1809 to 1903, our everything is solved, the game no longer starts in error, the settings now save correctly, and the game is no longer closing

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Well all the problems came back again, so I think it must be something with the same game, I did not make any changes in the system so that happens again

giving feedback one more time