Game quits randomly without error message

Hi it happens to me frequently lately. My game just quits for no apparent reason without any error message. I have 1k+ games and never happened to me before just in the past days. I run rtx 2080 and an i9 9900k 16gb Ram. Thanks

Try to uninstall the game and delete all associated files.
Reinstall and see if it occurs again.
Don’t forget to save your hotkeys first.

It is known that the games is more likely to crash the longer you run it. Make sure to restart the entire game every hour or so.

If you really want to play, but still crash, try to reinstall windows and only install steam + aoe2de and see if something changes.

I have the suspicion that the game calls certains libraries or runtime environments, which cause the game to perform badly or crash, depending which version you use.
I noticed that, when I installed ms visual studio, a python ide and a java ide with all kinds of frameworks at once.
My game started crashing once in a while after that.
Don’t know for sure tho, and I don’t know if this can be debugged time effectivly as a user.

So yeah, good luck.