Game... reconnecting?

Yesterday, playing a scenario multiplayer, i noticed that the game, when it lost connection for lag and hanged for a bit, wrote “Trying to reconnect” on the chat display. It failed (as nothing happened) and the game continued to hang and i had to resign/quit but did the chat always displayed such thing?


First time i have see such messages is during the latest patch. Never seens this messages before.

Could be a reconnect feature? Maybe just a piece of code is there, to test how it is live.

The game has had an auto reconnect feature since release,a lot of the freezes and stuttering is caused by small disconnections, i think if the disconnection last more than X seconds then it drops you otherwise it will reconnect you but you might lose those seconds.

Did it say the log (trying to reconnect) info in the chat?

I think it wasn’t there before this patch, I saw it on Nicov’s stream yesterday, it said lost connection to server and then successfully reconnected and the game went on.